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Grand Theft Auto 5 – A complete Walkthrough

Hardly there will be anyone who doesn’t know about popular game series grand theft auto. This game released begins lately in 2004 for PC and gaming consoles. This series gained a huge popularity in nick of time due to being the best in all kind.

Grand Theft Auto Five is new installment or a little bit old but it is the latest one in this series and it is also called as GTA V. Rockstar is the developer and designer of it along with being the publisher. This game is available on PlayStation 3, 4, later versions as well as on Xbox series too. Even this game can be played on PC and Nintendo devices too.

James from the grandtheftaction said that there are so many things to be loved in the game and surely those are taking it to next level. The Graphics, features and gameplay are three main factors where the game’s popularity depends upon and GTA V nailed all perfectly.

What Makes GTA 5 Interactive and Better Than Others?

There are huge numbers of features offered in this game which are making it interactive. There are three characters in the game and each one has own role with own story. You will be here to complete missions. There are numerous features offered in the game and each one unique and different from other one.

Gameplay is quite similar in the whole series but it should be because the success of this game is based on gameplay and you can find so many improvements. Basically, all the things you owe in the game can be purchased and you can buy them with virtual currency of game. If this method isn’t sufficient then there are in-app purchases to help you out.

Graphics play the last but most important role. There are vivid graphics along with vibrant colors in game. Even you can find that graphics are quite realistic and playing this game in ultra setting will make it look like you are watching a video instead of playing game. It can purely enhance gaming experience in minutes.


As mentioned, huge number of features is behind the popularity but do you know that how much missions are in the game? Well, there are total 69 of them and these missions are important. These will be taking you from one level to another. You can find prologue, franklin and lamar, repossession and many more missions. You need to knock out opponent using the right method and it requires a great strategy to begin with. Missions are fun to play and add another awesome thing while playing it. There are lots of things to do and we are mentioning some of the best tips to help out in it.

Some essential Tips

Completing this game means, doing all the missions along with collectible and other things require proper attention. It can be tough to complete all of them just by playing on your own because you can find so many complication while playing it but there is no need to worry about it anymore. Follow the below given tips and eradicate all the issues –

  • Money is currency of the game and it is really important to earn. You can lay hand on it by completing missions and many other ways. Try to earn maximum amount possible all the issues.
  • To earn more money, robbery comes handy and do you know that trucks are easy to target? Well, haven’t tried it yet! Try out looting a truck and you will gain significant amount of money from it.
  • Make sure to put all the weapons on standby mode because cops can arrive as if they are nearby and you are doing the robbery. Sometimes, the truck driver hit back so you should take care of that too.
  • There are lots of side missions to complete and each one comes with a great benefit like you earn money along with collect weapons and you go to new places. It can help in getting new collectibles.
  • There is one mission to help fellow where you need to help him getting the stolen bike and it can provide up to 100K money. It is a big amount and the mission is simple too that’s why must give it a try out.
  • Cameras offered in GTA V can be putted on any desired angle to get the perfect vision but it will be better than you don’t use the secondary driving camera unless there is high need of it.

These are some important things that you should take into consideration. it can ease up the work of winning. If you are trying a new mission then pay attention to tweaks instead of skipping them otherwise it can be troublesome issue.

How To Earn Money?

As told before, money is the primary and important currency in this game and there are many methods to earn it properly. If you don’t want to get into any kind of issue then it will be better to grab maximum amount possible. There are some tricks too but the easy methods of earning money are –

  • Play daily missions
  • Get collectibles
  • Assassination
  • Investment in stocks
  • Help fellow members
  • Try out share market
  • Robbery

These are some common and most used methods nu gamers and these are surely reliable to earn a decent amount. There are some cheats too but it will be better to play without cheat so that you can get the estimate, how good you are.

Assassination And Investment

Assassination can be an effective method of getting hands on a good amount of money and it is quite reliable due to many things. It help you improve skills. It will provide you money and your will progress to be the next best game which help in many other ways. Even you can try out investing all the money you have in stocks and earn better amount easily.

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